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This ad began to be aired in New Zealand last year (always during winter, I wonder why?), and since then Felipe and I, who usually do not give much attention to television, stopped everything we were doing and started dreaming. The thing was so hypnotic that the next morning one of us would wake up […]


25 June, exactly one week from now, NPLH will be three years old. After so many months without even a smoke signal, I might as well wait another seven days and write a birthday celebration post. But it would not be right. It wouldn’t be nice to spend months on end without giving him any […]

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Isa has been living in Madrid for nearly three years. She went to Spain to make a dream, nurtured since 1998, come true: study a Master with a scholarship, which took her years to achieve. Something inside her knew that those nine months of the course wouldn’t be enough. So she met a Sevillano, fell in love and decided she should stay around there, taking the professional opportunity she had and knowing better what “saudades” are, the Portuguese untranslatable word that the so many poets sing about.

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The cold air, clean fresh water and a gorgeous landscape. The life at the Himalayas move in a much slower pace but also a lot of hard work that villagers do with an amazing satisfaction. There for almost we went to the famous hot pools of Manikaran, lived for 4 days in a tiny village in the middle of nowhere having a great time with the simplest things in life.

Pushkar and the Rajasthan Desert post

Heat, dust, camels and temples. We were in the Rajasthan desert during the “Camel Fair”, an event that unites the entire region. We had the opportunity to know the real inhabitants of the desert with their colorful turbans and white robes. Yet knew the caste of tailors, helping Drica and Duda in their work. We visited temples on mountains and a Kali Baba living in an oasis. The beautiful Pushkar, the only city in India dedicated to Lord Brahma.