Pushkar and the Rajasthan Desert post

Heat, dust, camels and temples. We were in the Rajasthan desert during the “Camel Fair”, an event that unites the entire region. We had the opportunity to know the real inhabitants of the desert with their colorful turbans and white robes. Yet knew the caste of tailors, helping Drica and Duda in their work. We visited temples on mountains and a Kali Baba living in an oasis. The beautiful Pushkar, the only city in India dedicated to Lord Brahma.

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The capital of India with the best and the worst of what the country has to offer. A huge city, crowded, chaotic. It was our stopping point between a trip and another. We stayed in Paharganj planning the next destination, and while waiting for the next bus/train/plane we visited local markets, restaurants and galleries with all kinds of imaginable stuff to sell.