After going through so many countries in Asia, we already felt familiar with the exotic culture, the languages with unreadable characters, eating without knowing what was in the dish, strange habits. We were quite comfortable in this whole difference. Suddenly there comes India. There is no such thing as ‘being prepared’ for India. It is […]


So we could fly from Bangkok to New Delhi using the round the world ticket, we had to fly via Hong Kong. A little odd, since it is totally off course, but rules are rules and we could not miss the opportunity to see a little bit of China. We decided we’d get out of the airport […]


This post has little to do with travelling, it is more an update of what’s happening here. Like many others, we started the blog for fun, it was meant to be more a travelogue than anything else. We weren’t expecting too much from it. Now we are increasingly involved, and increasingly stringent editing. Felipe, who as many of […]

Brasil in Thailand

On the buzz of the World Cup, we also could not let it go unchallenged. First of all because I love football, the whole month I’ve been here fighting with sleep to watch the World Cup in the freezing early mornings of New Zealand. Second, because being Brazilians we cannot really not talk about football. […]