A little history and facts Until the 18th century Bangkok was a little fishermen town. There was a boom after being nominated for the new Rattanakosin Kingdom capital, which burned down Ayutthaya, the capital of the ancient kingdom, 100 miles north. Bangkok today is one of the largest cities in Southeast Asia with about 9 […]


Today is the day to blow out candles, NPLH is completing two years old! These two years were a bit irresponsible, we admit it. At the beginning we were super excited but during the trip we realized that would not be so easy to keep the blog updated “live”. We had looooong unforgivable breaks. Months without a single […]

When we think about travelling to Thailand the first image that comes to mind is being there relaxing on a white sand beach, turquoise sea with no waves, hot all year round, breathtaking landscapes and the wonderful Thai cuisine to finish. Of course Thailand is much more than that, but as beach lovers, we could […]

When the train arrived in Hat Yai, it was the luckiest moment of our day: the door opened right in front of where we were standing. We jumped quickly on the train and took the first places that appeared, both for us to sit as to accommodate the backpacks. We didn’t really like our seats, they were […]