KL Sentral


Guys, I’ve just remembered two other very useful info about Kuala Lumpur’s railway station that Felipe didn’t mention on his post. First is that we had a shower there before getting the train to Hat Yai. Yep, there is a changing room inside the station, with really good showers and it’s very clean, it feels like a gym! […]

Our train arrived in Hat Yai at mid-morning. Our plans were to spend a couple of days in southern Thailand before heading to some island and enjoy the beach, we had already marked on the guide which places we wanted to go in the region, but as soon as we arrived in Hat Yai the […]

After spending the night in the train, coming from Kuala Lumpur, we were woken up super early in Padang Besar, the last town at the north of Malaysia, bordering Thailand. The final destination of the train was Hat Yai, but we had already been warned that we’d have to stop at Padang Besar because of […]

Moda de rua Malásia

Malaysia is a multi-cultural country with diverse peoples of Asia, the mainland, which we crossed by train, lies between Singapore at the south and Thailand at the north. Being near the equator the climate is hot and humid all year long with monsoon season from November to February. It is a rich country but with […]

Perth video

A short video shot in Perth, Western Australia. Special thanks to Amanda, for hosting us and taking us everywhere in Perth. 😀