Ferry from Padangbai (Bali) to Lembar (Lombok) According to the official at the Ferry terminal there was a Ferry every 90 minutes and took up to 5hs to Lembar, in Lombok, one of the islands of Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. First lesson in Lombok: things here are not always as they say. We arrived at the […]

The day before I already had arranged with Pasqual, my friend from Brazil and New Zealand, Luís, Pasqual’s friend, an amazing person that received us in Bali as a long term friend even without knowing us, Steve, an OZ guy, who lives in Ubud – Bali, does yoga and is very excited about the wedding […]

Selamat pagi everyone. We’ve been in Indonesia for 2 weeks, but it feels like a lot more and as long as it’s been awhile that we don’t post anything, prepare yourself because here comes a big story. It is a feeling of newness at every minute and at the same time of identification, something here […]