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Perth is the capital of Western Australia which is supposedly the richest state in Australia thanks for the mining boom in the north of the state. It is also a region of recent settlement with about 180 years of history. Everything is very new and modern.

We got a pleasant climate, and even catching a few moments of rain, the temperature was always around 20°/68°F degrees dropping a little at night. The summer is very hot and dry and the winter is cool and rainy.

The topography is mainly plane with a great river dividing the city in south and north. The city is very widespread, with neighborhoods distant from each other, spacious houses with big gardens, large parks and areas with the typical vegetation of the region, with many eucalyptus trees and bushes in a bright red soil that tends to dye houses and sidewalks.

The public transport is good, with trains, boats and buses, but unfortunately has a bad coverage, the boulevards are wide and almost everyone uses car to get around the city and apart from the center, it’s difficult to see someone walking in the street.

Even modern and structured, Perth maintains a rustic atmosphere of a small town, where people have more time, speak slowly and like a chat in a very friendly environment. We felt that Amanda and Roberto were well received and hosted by the city and are enjoying an excellent quality of life.


The arrival in Perth was a little strange, landed at an airport in reforms, it was as if we had land on a construction site. The bags come in different places and take at least 1 hour to find my cousin Amanda, who was nicely waiting for us, she lives there with her husband Roberto there for almost 2 years. It was great to stay with them, not only by the VIP treatment (thanks Amanda and Roberto), but also for tips and stories about the city.

From the airport went straight to a famous brewery city, Little Creatures in the artistic suburb of Freemantle. There we updated the conversation and took what they say is one of the best beers in town, in addition to the place has a lot of personality, which is basically rustic with some sophisticated details.

AQWA – Aquarium of Western Australia

The next morning we were visiting the state’s aquarium, which is really impressive, there you literally enter the tank by a glass tunnel with several fish, sting rays, turtles and sharks giving the impression that you’re a fish and several other smaller aquariums with sea stars, octopuses and other marine animals, all very organized.

Admission: AUD 19.00

Kings Park

Already on the flight from Sydney Perth for a very nice lady made a big propaganda of Kings Park, she told us that we couldn’t lose the wild flowers of the season. We went there just after the aquarium enjoying the sun appeared. The park is very spacious with large gardens, typical vegetation of West Australia, cafes and restaurants with great food and lot of walking trails throughout the park.

Perth Zoo

On the morning of Sunday we went to the zoo in the city that surprised by the size and diversity, the space is divided into:

  • Australian Bushwalk with snakes, lizards, kangaroos, koalas, birds and vegetation typical of Australia and shrubs with eucalipotos}
  • Asian Rainforest with many monkeys, elephants, tigers and a lush green forest.
  • African Savanna with giraffes, rhinos, lions and several other African animals.

Admission: AUD 19.00

City Centre

After 3 hours of Zoo we know the centre of town more closely. The centre contrasts a lot with the more distant neighborhoods, it’s busier, with large vertical buildings and multiethnic. We passed the main sidewalk, very similar to our Rua das Flores of Curitiba, with lot of different people doing all sorts of activities.

We went to a shop for souvenirs that the owners were a couple, an Afghan guy and Japanese woman, who loved Brazilians, “Brazilians good heart” he said beating himself in the chest, the interesting thing is that they speak a very broken  English, even for Brazilian standards, and they talk to each other using an odd blend of farsi and japanese.

Then we went to the supermarket to buy ingredients for our dinner, a risotto marinara with banana “farofa” , prepared by chef (he’s finishing a course) Roberto which was delicious.

Sunday was the day to wake up early, reorganize the suitcases for our first tropical destination – winter clothes at the bottom, summer clothes up – and the beginning of 2 months in Asia.

Taxi to the airport: AUD 50.00 (ouch!)

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