We’re still alive

We are in Bali for a week and has been a very intense experience in every way. We’re a bit away from the computer and the Internet is very slow here. We spent 5 days in Sanur, 4 in Ubud and we’re going to Bukit tomorrow, we are loving it and soon we’ll be posting […]

Overview Perth is the capital of Western Australia which is supposedly the richest state in Australia thanks for the mining boom in the north of the state. It is also a region of recent settlement with about 180 years of history. Everything is very new and modern. We got a pleasant climate, and even catching […]

Sydney Video

Check out our 3 days in Sydney video.

I’ve got some friends who came to Sydney and have fallen in love with the city. They weren’t one or two, but a number of them who lived in Sydney or just spent holidays there and came back telling that the city is amazing. I can not say that I think differently than any of […]

3 Days in Sydney

First Impressions Sydney is a modern city, vibrant, clean and organized, cosmopolitan, with a beautiful architecture, and also an excellent public transport system. Many people walking on the streets, of all ethnicities, speaking several different languages, tourists, executives, beggars, urban athletes, Aboriginal people playing dijeridoo. The geography is also one of the strengths of the […]