I think any surfer dreams of making an endless summer style trip, seeking the perfect wave in tropical paradises around the globe.

Of course, surfing is not the only thing I want to do, but for me it is still one of the highlights of the trip.

The initial idea was to do a surftrip in Australia, Indonesia, Morocco, Brazil and Peru. For a long time I was searching only the best surfspots of each country, the right season, maps of swell and car hire in each place, so far so good.

But the problem are the baggage excess rates, take them by train from Singapore to Bangkok, and Madrid to Agadir in southern Morocco, how often would have to pay storage in the airports which probably would be the case in Hong Kong, Delhi, London, Paris, Brazil (Rio), Peru and Chile, not counting the possibility of breaking and crushing the boards in all of these flights .

I asked Rodrigo, Cris’ brother, how is to ship the boards from bali to morocco, he told me there is a great risk of breaking the boards and I would have to organize and store the boards until I get there.

He suggested that it would be better send by some courier like fedex or ups and organize the storage of them, but this is more expensive than buying new boards (something around NZD 3000.00).

So until now the best option is the best lead the boards to Indonesia, sell them there and try to buy a used or rent in other peaks.

If you have any suggestion please help me!


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    • Anthony says:
    • 3 July, 2008 at 3:02 am

    Hello Cristina,

    I had not notice the site was also in english when I answered your comment on my site. But now that I know, it’ll be easier to follow!

    Thanks for adding me to your list of travellers. I’m very excited about Curitiba and any tips or things to do that you can help me out with would be awesome.



    • Domina says:
    • 3 July, 2008 at 4:13 am

    Hello Cristina,
    I wanted to let you know that I just went to Mansora Peru and surfed. They say it is a destination for anyone looking for the endless summer and I must say it is gorgeous. the surf is good.
    You can rent a board there for only 10 soles which is less than 5 US dollars!
    If you want more info about the northern coast of peru, let me know. good luck!!


    • Cris says:
    • 3 July, 2008 at 10:59 pm

    @Anthony.. yeah, we are still improving this language thing here.. Thanks for adding us too! And count on me for any tips to Curitiba… =)

    @Domina, thanks for the info.. I’ll let Felipe reply you about the surf in Peru as he is the most interested part here! hehehe
    Nice to have you with us.. and good luck in Colombia!


  1. Oi Felipe, Oi Cris!!

    Que legal o blog de vocês, e pra mim foi muito legal saber que o meu serviu de inspiração! Vou acompanhar tim tim por tim tim da viagem de vocês e no que eu puder ajudar estou às ordens!!

    Sobre as pranchas de surf… dureza ein?? Ainda não inventaram nehuma compacta estilo dobrável?? KKKK, o jeito é alugar por aí, eu sei que uma prancha alugada é uma prancha desconhecida, mas talvez pela praticidade não vale a pena ficar carregando pra lá e pra cá ainda com o risco de quebrar, ter que pagar ecesso e todos os outros prós… e numa viagem tão longa por tantos países quanto menos carga melhor!

    Abraços, sucesso com o blog!
    Obs: tô linkando o blog lá no meu!


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