Gear – Part.2

Now that the torture with the passport is over, I can tell you about the new gadgets we bought last week. This is the result of a rainy weekend… shopping! It was the most expensive weekend of the year… but these things were already planned in the budget and it was good to do it all at once – and it is super fun to have new toys. :)

Mini Laptop Asus EeeMini-Laptop Asus Eee 900

After discussing whether or not carry a laptop, we ended up opting for yes. We know it is expensive and fragile, might happen to be stolen, break, damage and can also be another concern. But the pros were  more than the cons: a laptop can be very useful to look for a ticket, accommodation, to keep in touch with people we’ll visit, download and upload photos, update the site… but we really decided when we found this Asus Eee, which is much cheaper than the big ones (we paid US$ 570) and easier to care for and carry. It is ridiculously small and light, compared to our other 15″, but large enough to use the keyboard and access the Internet with a 1024×600 resolution screen. It also comes with a protective cover.. perfect for travelling! It has also proved to be very resistant.. on the first night I dropped it on the floor from 1m height (ooops, sorry Felipe!),  it jumped up and down and survived without any scratch!

Walkie Talkie UnidenWalkie-Talkie Radios – Uniden

I’ve always wanted to have a walkie-talkie when I was a child.. now that I have one nobody wants to play with me hiding behind the sofa. heheh
This was another tip from Juliano, and if he hadn’t said anything, we would never think of this hypothesis.
It is much cheaper than taking a cell phone (option that haven’t even been contemplated) and can help us when we get lost from each other. This one is a Uniden, they were the smallest and cheapest we found (US$ 60), there are 2 in the box and uses 3 AAA batteries.

Lente Sigma 28-200 OSSigma 18-200 Lenses

Although we are far from being professionals, photography is one of our favorite hobbies, Felipe’s and mine, since the design uni time. We’ve already got a SLR camera and two lenses (a 18-55 and another 70-300), but in such a trip, carrying so many things and changing lenses all the time might not be something practical. As we love taking photos and this purchase wouldn’t be exclusively for the trip, we decided to invest a little more (US$ 660.00 – ouch!) and buy a Sigma 18-200 with Optical Stabilizer. It is bigger and heavier, but is everything is in one and much better quality than the others we had here, which will be retired by the way – does anyone want to buy? 😛

Furthermore we will also take:


Olympus cameraiPods

We’ve already got the iPods for more than a year – in addition to listening to music, see time and date in every country, it can also be useful to store photos, each one has 30GB memory – but I use more that half only for music! I guess I need to make a selection…

Olympus tiny waterproof camera

That fits in the pocket. Often we don’t want to carry the big camera, but we still want to be able to take pictures. This is an Olympus,  we bought it before going to Samoa, early this year, it is waterproof (3m deep) and shockproof (1.5m height), it’s great to take underwater photos too! Oh.. and it also makes little videos.

PacSafe 55PacSafe

And to protect all this, we’ve just bought a PacSafe, it is a shield made of flexible steel to place around the bag. It may be not enough, but it may help if we have to leave our stuff in a hostel in Rio… and I think it is worth spending US$ 57 to protect all these things, don’t you agree?

I’m putting money to see which of these gadgets will return with us to New Zealand…


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    • Anthony says:
    • 21 July, 2008 at 4:07 am

    I thought of a laptop, but figured it was too much of a liability and that it was bound to get stolen. Great gear though, I like the PacSafe, something I’ve been debating myself. The iPods are perhaps the most important gadgets to take… I’d die without listening to my music on a 9.5 hour flight or 13 hour bus ride :)


  2. I used to use pacsafe but found that it was more trouble that it was worth since most hostels have lockers… weighs soooooo much!!


    • Cris says:
    • 21 July, 2008 at 8:45 pm

    @Anthony – you’re right, any electronic gadget is like a sign on you: “rob me”, specially in SA, but I guess taking good care and not letting everyone see you using them all the time you’d be fine, and this applies to the iPod too, which I agree, is essential. :)

    @Matt – we’ll see how useful the PacSafe can be during the trip, it doesn’t seem that heavy now.. but if it becomes a useless weight, we can just leave it behind, I have no affection for it. 😉


  3. Oba!! Apetrechos novos!!

    Quisera eu ter levado 1/3 do que vocês estão levando…
    Na época nem pensava em carregar laptop (eram muito pesados e grandões) e ipod nem existia…. hehehe. Lembro até do meu namorado (atual maridex) ter comprado um discman em Sydney pois todo mundo usava por lá… era chique!!!
    Ainda bem que as coisas evoluem ein??
    Acho que vocês fizeram ótimas escolhas. Eu não dispensaria nem um ítem!!
    Obs: adorei o laptop.



    • Carrie says:
    • 24 July, 2008 at 4:17 am

    This is a great gear list Cris and Felipe! That mini-laptop is a steal. We never leave home without ours.

    I like the PacSafe too. It’s a good idea, although I don’t know if I’d be inclined to spend the money. We’ve always just purchased locks and locked things up. Unfortunately, if people really want to get into your luggage, nothing is going to stop them. Please let us know how you like using it though. Perhaps I’ll have to add it to my wishlist! :-)


    • Cris says:
    • 24 July, 2008 at 10:02 pm

    @Carol – hahaha essa do discman foi boa.. sabe que eu nunca tive um?! Passei do walkman direto pro ipod, sempre achei discman meio grandalhão e pensava que o cd ia ficar pulando lá dentro. Bons tempos os de agora.. ipod é tudo de bom!

    @Carrie – I am very happy with this new friendship as well. :)
    I agree.. if someone really wants to take our stuff, there is nothing we can do to stop.. but we also don’t have to help, right!?
    There is a saying in Brazil.. something like “opportunity makes a thief” (literally translating).. and an unlocked bag is the perfect opportunity!


    • Juliano says:
    • 29 July, 2008 at 12:18 am toys!!!! Ja tenho um atalho no meu desck top do blog..hehehe.. Olha só, ótima escolha a 18-200 IS, perfeita lente, nos viajamos sempre com essa lente tambem, não precisa trocar nunca, só não esqueçam de dois filtros, UV pra proteger ela e o Polarized, pra dias de sol…Ha, e se forem para algum lugar com muita areia, tipo desertos,etc, lembrem de proteger ela, pode ser até com um filme de plastico, aqueles de congelados, mas não deixem de usar a camera, em sircunstancia nenhuma,….Vcs vão gostar tanto dessa lente que vai dar vontade de voltar na loja e pagar novamente.. 😉 ..abração!!!


    • Felipe says:
    • 29 July, 2008 at 9:21 pm

    Você acredita que o cara da loja me ofereceu exatamente esse filtro e eu achei que nem precisava muito… Mas agora usando ela to vendo que ela tem um bom diâmetro e é um pouco mais pesada que as outras que usávamos e ja to mudando de opinião.

    Acho que vamos pegar um uv pelo menos, quanto ao polarized ainda nao tenho certeza.


  4. I have had good luck with the uniden walkies. I use them all the time. I prefer my samsung mp3 player to the iPod tho… sorry everybody in the iPod-Nation.


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