The days are passing and we are closer to our journey. Last week I went snowboarding with some friends and found a Californian (born in Romania but with the whole Californian mood), who’s been living for 5 years here and said how much he likes living here and why preferred here than the United States, […]

Yesterday, 25th of July, No Place Like Here completed one month online. You may think “whatever.. 1 month?.. 1 month is nothing,” but when the kid is still a baby we want to celebrate each month, especially the first one (which deserves a post!). Yes, the first post is from the 10th of June, but […]

PacSafe 55

Now that the torture with the passport is over, I can tell you about the new gadgets we bought last week. This is the result of a rainy weekend… shopping! It was the most expensive weekend of the year… but these things were already planned in the budget and it was good to do it […]

Cris' Australian Visa

Last Tuesday we sent the paperwork for the Australian visa. Forms, passport photos, credit card to pay AUD 100.00 (ouch!), a copy of our bookings and even a copy of the travel agency’s receipt. I reviewed both forms, each detail and even warned Felipe that some parts of his form were missing. The Australian consulate […]


Since we decided to do this journey, I’ve been reading many blogs of other travellers that often make a trip like ours look like kids play. There are people travelling for 20 years, travelling with 8 children, but what called my attention was a couple working without a fixed place, he is an illustrator and […]