RTW tickets, where to begin?


Without tickets, there is no trip. But where to begin, who sells, how much? After googling a lot, reading blogs and chating with friends we realised that there are basically 4 possibilities to buy the tickets:

  1. Arrange everything on the internet
    It is extremely flexible and can be reasonably economical if you find promotional fares get all the excerpts. The problem is to know which airline has the best prices on all parts, is still the case that you do not know the companies and in the case of a trip like ours that has a limited time means it is very difficult to marry out all the stops
  2. Let on the hands of any agency
    If you money is not a problem to you and you don’t want to stress, this is probably the best option.
  3. Round the World Ticket – Star Alliance
    I am an Air New Zealand fan, here within I only fly with them, they have a reasonable price, surfboard s are free, have a decent service and are part of Star Alliance. The problem is that Star Alliance’s round the world ticket is calculated by miles, and buying this kind of ticket by miles ends up just depriving a good flexibility. Besides that their miles calculator program is a hell to use.
  4. Round the World Ticket – One World – Our option (so far)
    We’ve ended up with One World because they have a more simplified purchasing, the price is according to the number of continents you want to go and each you can have 4 stop overs in each continent. Also they have a brilliant website to plan the trip and do the route. Another advantage is that we have a
    Qantas credit card which gives us extra points for future trips.

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    • aluísio says:
    • 28 June, 2008 at 1:53 am

    pessoal, esta é uma viagem imperdível. tudo de bom pra vocês e vamos vendo a contagem para o lançamento aqui no noplace. aliás, muito bom o blog. abraços.


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