Portable bed

Setting up the bags to 6 months off, getting the heat of the tropics and European winter is not a simple task. Our goal is to get as little as possible and to have maximum mobility. I found a sleeping bag large and unnecessary, since we have no plans to go camping. But after reading […]


YYYYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY We bought the tickets! It took so long.. first we had to talk to our bosses, then change the itinerary here, change there .. whew! Ok, done, let’s buy it! We went to a travel agency .. with the itinerary ready, printed.. we’ve even got the numbers of each flight .. that we had […]


I’ve always dreamed of travelling the world, but never like this, so many countries at once. Planning a trip with a single destination used to be hard enough, several at once and for so long, no way! After coming to New Zealand and taking the first step, I realised that we are actually used to […]

Oui Monsieur

Now that we’ve decided our itinerary I’m trying to prepare myself to the craziness that will be try to communicate with people speaking so many different languages. We just speak English, Portuguese and enough Spanish for a conversation, Cris speaks italian as well, but apart of these we must learn some basic French, Bahasa Indonesia, […]

Another day I was navigating amongst my favorite texts that I’ve got saved on my computer and I found this Amyr Klink’s quote which made me reflect (again!): “A man must travel. By his own, not through stories, pictures, books or TV. He’s got to travel by himself, with his eyes and feet, to understand […]